Industry Solutions

Messaging Platform Just for Your Business!

Working with different customers across industries, we have identified and designed solutions based on experience gathered. Marketing goals are common to all businesses – either to add more customers or to manage or improve deliverability. AAA services are going to help you take business to next level with digital marketing – email, phone and sms marketing!

Enterprise , SME and Professional Services

We at AAA understand that a business need is much more that answering questions or providing basic support. They change with market dynamics, at times becoming expectedly complex. For such scenarios, our team is here with unique product and service offerings, designed to take the load off and releasing time to you to focus of new business generation strategies.

With AAA, you are held at every step:

  • Business Account setup for quick launch
  • Personal Account manager to help you grow
  • Knowledge Sharing to maximize the usage
  • Customer Support available via email, phone at almost any time

Verticals we cater to:

  • Healthcare
  • Gaming
  • Agencies
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Entertainment

More Services

  • Digital Marketing
  • Online Security Services
  • Domain Registration
  • Mobile Marketing
  • E-mail Solutions

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